Solucrampes Capsules 60's

Solucrampes Capsules 60's

Solucrampes Capsules

Specially formulated with a unique combination of 5 powerful therapeutic plant extracts including Arnica and Menthol.

How the extracts work

Siberian Ginseng, is the anti-fatigue plant par excellence. It is known for its apoptogenic properties. It is particularly used by athletes in recovery, because it activates the elimination of the lactic acid which accumulates in the muscles and which can bring induce cramp.

Nettle is rich in minerals and trace elements, especially magnesium which promotes the elimination of muscle cramps. It could also help fight inflammation.

The level of Magnesium in cells limits the excessive intake of calcium. As a result, it limits the level of contractibility of the muscle fibres, therefore muscle tensions and cramps.

Vitamin B6 works synergistically to reduce fatigue. It is also involved in energy metabolism, thus promoting good muscle contraction.

What is a cramp?
Cramp is an involuntary muscular contraction, sometimes painful. Their origin is poorly known but potentially related to muscle fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, in particular Magnesium, and the accumulation in the muscle of metabolic "waste" with deleterious effects such as free radicals generating oxidative stress, or Lactic acid disrupting muscle contraction.

How does it manifest itself?
Night cramp is a consequence of poor flow in the legs.

Solucrampes capsules are suitable for the effective treatment of a full range of diurnal cramps, including those caused by poor circulation and chronic leg problems.


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