Otosan Throat Gel Forte

Otosan Throat Gel Forte


Speedy relief from throat irritation

Otosan® Throat Gel Forte comes in easy-to-use stick packs. It promotes the wellbeing of the throat in case of irritation and hoarseness. Thanks to its special gel formulation, it forms a mucoadhesive film, which protects the mucosa from the irritating action of external agents, providing long-lasting relief. It also favours the hydration of the mucosa, indirectly reducing irritation and the sensation of pain.


·        Balm-like action

·        Antibacterial action

·        Disinfectant action

·        Spasmolytic cooling action

·        Fluidising action


Contains Multiflora Honey, Icelandic Lichen Extract, Hedge Mustard Extract, Larch Arabinogalactan, Eucalyptus, Organic Lemon, White Thyme and Peppermint essential oils.

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