About Us

About Us
We are committed to offering high quality products and outstanding service. We offer a selection of dietary, herbal and food supplements from leading brand name suppliers such as AntonHubner, Bio-strath, Orthomol, Elixi Heartcare, The Ginger People, and many more. Throughout our site you will find in the region of 100 carefully selected products suitable for Hair care, Slimming, Tiredness, Immune function, Travel/morning sickness and Ear Care, to just name a few.
All our products are natural, using materials that have a beneficial effect on the body without toxicity and side effects and are vegetarian/vegan whenever possible. The majority of our products are backed with clinical research, have product licenses and/or have been sold safely worldwide for up to 50 years.
All of our products have undergone the strictest levels of quality and safety assessments. We take great care of your products to ensure the optimum quality, keeping them away from sunlight and refrigerated where necessary.
We are continually dedicated to sourcing and researching the most innovative product ranges on the market, with new products introduced regularly, so keep a close eye out for these.
We always endeavour to give you a speedy delivery, subject, of course, to us having the items in stock and the carrier not letting us down, both rare occasions.

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If you would like any further information on any of the brands that we do or what services we can provide then please contact a member of our team by any one of the following means:

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