Muscle relaxant + filler for facial lines
Acts from the 1st minute and lasts 24hours (certified)
Wear and tear on your skin When you get up, do you see wrinkles on your face? Are these due to fatigue or pillow marks? Or is it the first or yetanother line insidiously spoiling the radiance of your skin!
Wrinkles are caused by aging of the skin and especially by repeated facial microcontractions.
DERMOLIFTOX is an avant-garde cosmetic innovation proposing you a complete, quick and lasting wrinklefree approach. Its active ingredients act simultaneously by reducing the contractions of the muscles of the face.
They also fill in wrinkles thanks to special active ingredients.
DERMOLIFTOX is a new generation instant filler whose active ingredients are known for their 24h long-lasting effects. It helps you fill in your wrinklesand give yourself a make-over... without
injections, knife or pain involved!
When first launched, Dermolifteur was the cosmetic “must-have”, a genuineinnovation in terms of instant face lift and tightening of the skin. Caviar Extract: The composition of the caviar extract
is the secret of a real rejuvenating elixir. Caviar extract is naturally rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids,protein, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants… a cocktail of active ingredients to efficiently combat free radicals.
Hydrolyzed wheat protein (Tritisol Xm):
Wheat extract: this protein is renowned for its smoothing and instant firming effect. Tritisol Xm protein is also renowned for its extensive moisturizing virtues.
2) Today: DERMOLIFTOX smoothes, relaxes and fills lines and wrinkles DERMOLIFTOX is a remarkable evolution of Dermolifteur.
DERMOLIFTOX combines 4 active ingredients (2 of which are patented) with renowned anti-wrinkle properties. The ever present caviar remains the key element of our Best selling lifter but the formula has been enriched with incredible
new active ingredients:
• Tritisol Xm, an extreme smoother
• Gatuline Expression® and MyoxinolTM LS 9736, two muscle contraction inhibitors whose action can be compared to botulinum toxin (cf Botox®) (2).
• The 4th active ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, an extreme wrinkle filler.
Efficacy tests: “Instant 24h certified face lift”
In vitro and in vivo tests performed with Gatuline® Expression and Myoxinol TM Ls 9736 showed that these two patented active ingredients instantly smooth wrinkles 30 seconds after application by blocking micro-contractions of muscles and lasting 24 hours!

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